Can a Laser Frenectomy Improved the Oral Health of Your Child?

January 1, 2020 | By Molarbear

If your child is experiencing any speech, orthodontic, or eating problems the pediatric dentist near you may recommend conducting a frenectomy. The procedure involves the removal of the connective tissue at either the bottom of the top of the mouth to help rectify these problems. Advanced technology has now made it possible for people of all ages to have frenectomies that are safe and convenient.

A frenectomy can be accomplished with the help of specialized soft tissue lasers that causes minimal bleeding and discomfort to make it an ideal solution for babies and young children. The pediatric dentist near you may suggest something similar for your child because the healing process for laser frenectomies is fast and without complications.

What Is a Frenectomy

The removal of the connective tissue from below the tongue which is known as the frenum or the upper gums is a frenectomy. The dental fraternity uses a couple of types of frenectomies in the dental practice where two types of procedures are routinely used.

The first is the lingual frenectomy where the tissue connecting the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth is removed. This procedure is routinely used to correct a condition known as ankyloglossia which is also known as tongue-tied. This condition arises because of a short and thick frenulum which prevents the baby from moving its tongue.

Breastfeeding infants have difficulties feeding with this condition which can also impact speech and eating in children as well as adults. Patients often try to alter the position of their jaw to compensate for the lack of mobility in their tongue resulting in orthodontic issues of other types.

The second is known as maxillary frenectomy which requires the removal of a piece of tissue which connects the upper gums to the front teeth causing the patient to become lip-tied. Most people have this problem but issues begin to arise when the tissue is significantly large and tight among infants. It prevents the child from flaring or curling their lips that cause problems when latching on to the breast for breastfeeding.

Older children and adults facing this problem have a large frenulum pushing their front teeth apart creating a gap between them and making the orthodontic treatment necessary after the permanent teeth have erupted.

Is a Frenectomy Essential?

Patients and parents are choosing the procedure for a variety of reasons at different ages. Lingual and maxillary ties in infants cause problems with breastfeeding as well as bottle feeding. Babies have difficulties latching on to the breast to cause sore nipples for the mother and therefore parents are choosing for a safe procedure from the pediatric dentist in Houston that is conducting laser frenectomies in Houston. The procedure provides the baby with a fast healing treatment to help them establish a good seal when eating.

Frenectomies are also becoming popular among adults and older children as a solution for speech issues and eating. Dentists may recommend it as a part of the overall orthodontic treatment of a patient.

Your Pediatric Dentist and Frenectomy

Pediatric Dentist 77084 who also deals with orthodontics is taking the entire mouth and the child approach to dentistry and orthodontics. The dentist understands that the tongue, oral tissues, and gums can have a significant impact on the health of the teeth and jaws. The dentist believes creating the entire mouth of the patient is necessary to ensure positive outcomes.

Laser frenectomies in Houston conducted by the pediatric dentist in Houston believe it is an important part of their practice to foster a bonding experience between a newborn and the mother during breastfeeding. They as well believe that helping in orthodontic patients believe their newly straightened front teeth will remain that way is an important confidence booster. They encourage families to discuss with their dentist or orthodontist to understand more about this procedure by asking questions about laser frenectomies and the impact it can have on the oral health of their child at their offices in the nearby locations of Bear Creek, Copperfield, Katy, and Cypress.

Laser frenectomies emit a highly focused beam that vaporizes the oral tissue causing very little bleeding and minimum discomfort. The healing process of this procedure is also fast without any complexities involved making it the preferred method for treating babies that are born with the condition of ankyloglossia or have a maxillary lip tie.

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