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Don’t Stress over Your Child’s Teeth Grinding Habit unless it persists

July 16, 2019 | By Molarbear

Teeth grinding in a child are one of the top concerns among parents. Teeth grinding comes under ‘bruxism’ which is common among pre-adolescent children. It is considered by many healthcare professionals as normal behaviour like thumb sucking. This sleep disturbing sound can lead to the worst consequences.

You should never ignore such concerns as it might continue into late childhood. Grinding teeth for long eventually damages the teeth and gums.

Childhood teeth grinding is the involuntary movement of the jaws. This happens when not engaged in normal functions like chewing, speaking or swallowing. Although teeth can withstand a lot of biting force, when chronically exposed to the higher than the normal forces produced during teeth grinding, they can lead to tooth wear, fractures or teeth loss. It increases the risk of dental disease as well.

Teeth grinding in adults are caused usually due to stress but it is difficult to identify the reason in young children. Pediatric dentist 77084 says it happens due to shifting from lighter to heavier rapid eye movement during sleep. The immature neuromuscular chewing control engages involuntarily during this shift. It is also caused due to snoring, mouth-breathe or medications. It is common among infants but it reduces as the child grows older.

There is no particular cause until this habit persists beyond the age of 11. If it continues then visit a pediatric dentist in Houston to know the ways of reducing it or its effects. It might affect your child’s health and fitness. It is important to take treatment as early as possible to avoid further damage.

Treatment of teeth grinding

  • Wear custom-made night guard during sleep
  • Go for ear, nose and throat specialist if your child has issues with airway obstruction
  • Psychological therapy if your child facing any stressful situations

Whether treatment consists of physical therapy, stress reduction, mouth guards or medications but dental professionals can help your child in getting good health and oral hygiene.

Search a pediatric dentist near me to have more information about your child’s teeth grinding habit.

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