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FAQ: Interceptive Orthodontics for Children

April 26, 2019 | By Molarbear

Many of you must have heard about interceptive orthodontics. It benefits 10-20% of children who need orthodontic treatment which gives a positive impact on tooth and jaw development. Below are some common questions about interceptive orthodontic treatment-

Q: What is the difference between interceptive orthodontics and regular orthodontics?

In standard orthodontic treatment, the teeth can be moved into better positions at any age. Interceptive orthodontics uses a variety of techniques that influences the growth and development of teeth and jaws. It aims at improving the functioning of teeth and appearance. Pediatric dentist 77084 says it is effective before the onset of puberty i.e. around the age of 10-14 years.

Q: What are the advantages of early treatment with interceptive orthodontics?

If it’s done at the right time, interceptive treatment offers the results that cannot be achieved at an older age. It is recommended that all kids should have their first orthodontic screening at age 7.

Q: What are the common issues that can be treated with interceptive orthodontics?

One is crowding, when there is not enough space in the jaw to accommodate all the permanent teeth.

When the top and bottom jaws don’t develop at the same rate results in a serious malocclusion. Special appliances are used to restrict the jaw growth, which can help in resolving these problems.

Q: How long does interceptive orthodontic treatment take?

A child might wear a device like a palatal expander or a space maintainer for 6-12 months to have a proper place for a permanent tooth to erupt.

Interceptive treatment ends when the growth of a child’s jaw stops.

Q: Are braces required after interceptive treatment?

Yes, many times but not always. Pediatric dentist in Houston says interceptive treatment shortens the period of time where braces need to be worn and helps in preventing many problems later on.

If you have any more questions about interceptive orthodontics, search pediatric dentist near me. Visit them and learn more about the benefits of this treatment.

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