How Dental Crowns Help Children’s Teeth

How Dental Crowns Help Children’s Teeth

October 10, 2018 | By Molarbear

What a wonderful world it would be if everyone had perfect teeth, and healthy, sparkling smiles! Now imagine we all had that, without the need for maintenance. Unfortunately, that is just not the way it is, and teeth take quite a beating over time. Since life isn’t perfect and our teeth need continuous care, it is a good thing dental crowns are available to restore imperfect teeth and improve oral health overall.

Crowns Fix Many Oral Health Issues

Tooth crowns are versatile dental tools that help improve smiles in a variety of ways. They help strengthen teeth weakened by fractures or root canal therapy or are used as prosthetic teeth or with dental implants. Dental crowns can also help with spacing issues and bite alignment.

Types of Dental Crowns

Different materials used to make dental crowns, including porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, gold allow, zirconia, composite resin or porcelain fused to either metal or zirconia. Each material makes for an effective restoration; therefore, it is up to you to work with your pediatric dentist near me to determine the best option for your child’s needs.

Are Dental Crowns Painful?

Dental crowns are designed to function as your natural tooth. The painless procedure is completed with a local anesthetic. This numbs the surrounding gums and allows for a more comfortable procedure. Mild pressure and tooth sensitivity may linger for up to two days after a dental crown is placed.

Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

For most patients, dental crowns serve them well for about 5–15 years. It all comes down to the material used. The most durable options are porcelain, but this crown material can chip or crack if a patient suffers from teeth grinding. In addition, damaging oral habits like using teeth as tools or chewing on hard objects or fingernails can take a toll on dental crowns.

It is important to teach children with crowns to practice good oral hygiene habits that help protect their dental work. If nighttime teeth grinding is a concern, consider a mouthguard or a retainer.

Dental Crowns Need Maintenance

Kids and adolescents with dental crowns and tooth fillings can get cavities around the restoration if it becomes worn. Crowns tend to develop rough edges over time and weaken. Plaque and bacteria can accumulate and thrive in these hard to clean areas. It is important to keep up with regular dental check-ups, so your child’s dentist in Houston, TX, can monitor your child’s restorations.

Book a Pediatric Dental Appointment

An injured tooth is a serious health condition that demands immediate attention by a dental professional. Our Houston, TX pediatric dental office will treat your child and teach you on how to avoid an oral emergency in the future.

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