How to Prepare Your Child for A Dental Filling Procedure?

How to Prepare Your Child for A Dental Filling Procedure?

June 1, 2020 | By Molarbear

It is important to familiarize your child with a pediatric dentist near you. A familiar dentist will be able to build a good rapport with your child before any procedure. After a check-up and the dentist recommends the need for a dental filling and drilling on your child, some parents get worried. If you get anxious, try sending your child to the appointment with your partner or close relative.

The dental cavity filling procedure is painless and takes a short time. We at Molar Bear pediatric dentistry recommend the following tips while preparing your child for a filling.

Be Calm

Your child can tell when you are in distress. Stay calm, be positive, and support your child while going for the procedure. Do not, at any point, feel the need to shame your child. Have a discussion with your child about improvement tips that he will undertake in the future.

Avoid Discouraging Words

When you are talking about the filling with your child, choose kid-friendly terms. Avoid words like pain, drills, or needles. You don’t have to be dishonest about the procedure.

The specialists who handle pediatric dental fillings in Houston recommend using the term sugar spot instead of a cavity. Where the needle will be involved, explain that there will be a little poke feeling.

Go Over the Options

Sedation during the procedure may or may not be required. You should discuss this with your dentist and decide if sedation is used. A child’s temperament should also be considered.

The commonly used sedation is laughing gas. It helps the kid sit still and reduces anxiety. Other forms of sedation may be used during the procedure. Go over the options with your dentist and choose one that is suitable for your child.

Make Your Child Feel Comfortable

Let your child choose the outfit that day. Allow them to bring their pet or any stuffed up animals with them. This will be able to set up the required mood during the procedure. Most dental filling specialists in Houston have fun games, movies, and music that will help the child be comfortable during the procedure.

Be Honest and Open

Children can be interested and curious. You may get all sorts of questions about their next appointment. Answer their questions openly and honestly. This will help mitigate their anxiety. The Children’s pediatric dentistry specialists advise you to let the dentists explain the procedure more since they are trained on how to deal with children.

Share Your Experience

Cavities are common in adults and children. Tell your child about cavities you’ve had in the past, if any. Let them know that they are common and undesirable. Inform them that cavity fillings are needed, and the pediatric is competent.

Suitable Fillings for Your Child

Dental amalgam fillings are common among many people. There have been debates about the safety of them on children since they comprise of mercury as one of the components used in making them. Our children’s dentist specialist in Houston will help you go over various dental fillings suitable for your child.

The following are other options you can consider if you are not comfortable with the metal amalgam fillings on your children.

  • Ceramic fillings made out of porcelain
  • Glass ionomer which is created out of acrylic and other components of glass
  • Composite resins that consist of plastic and small glass fragments

Advantages of using non-metal fillings on your child are:

  • There will be less drilling during the procedure. This could make the visit more pleasant for you and your child.
  • They take the color of the teeth, making them look more natural. They are suitable for the front teeth.
  • They are less sensitive to hot and cold reducing any chances of toothaches.
  • The non-metal fillings strengthen the teeth by bonding directly with the tooth. They prevent any future fractures.

How to Help Your Child Take Care of a Dental Filling?

After the dental filling Houston, your child may experience some sensitivity and swelling. If the swelling lasts more than a day, then they might be having an allergy reaction. It would help if you visited a dentist located near you at Bear Creek for the check-up.

You can give your child pain relievers if there are any discomfort and pain on the gums and the teeth.

After the procedure due to the sedation, your child may experience numbness on their cheek, lip, and tongue. Ensure that your child does not bite or prick at the numb areas.

The dental specialists in Copperfield, Katy, and cypress recommend that you visit a pediatric dentist if your child complains of pain while chewing for filling adjustment.

For the first 3 hours after the procedure, give them liquids and, for the rest of the day, ensure the diet consists of soft foods.

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