How to Prepare Your Child for Getting a Partial Denture

How to Prepare Your Child for Getting a Partial Denture

June 1, 2023 | By Molarbear

It is not uncommon to see little ones walking around with missing teeth. Tooth loss in children is usually attributed to losing their primary teeth, a natural process. But some scenarios may cause your little one to need a tooth replacement, such as pediatric partials in Houston.

Pediatric partials are often required in children because of the sudden trauma to their teeth or genetic conditions that will cause them to miss their teeth.

Pediatric partials are no different from adult partials. They will be custom-made to suit your kid’s mouth and are designed to be temporary and removable. The pediatric partials come in different shapes and sizes depending on your kid’s needs.

Why Would Your Kid Need Partials?

In most cases, dentures have been associated with older people. But, these appliances are designed to replace teeth at any age in your life. Older people require dentures since the years of periodontal disease and decay have led to bone loss.

Your kid might need dentures because of sudden trauma to teeth or be born with missing teeth. Either way, your kid might only be eligible to get dental implants once they are at least 18 years. This is because their jaw is still forming and will be fully developed in their early 20s.

Therefore, pediatric partials near you are their best bet in getting their smile in tip-top shape.

Are There Any Other Tooth Replacement Options?

Adults have countless solutions when they need to replace missing teeth. But kids have a very limited selection. Since children are still growing, they need options that will be temporary. Therefore, they are limited to these common options:

  • Fixed space maintainers are used to fill the gaps left when your kid loses their primary teeth early. So, this prosthesis will help keep the space so that the permanent tooth comes into the designated space.
  • Removable pediatric partials are designed to last a few years and are used even when a kid loses permanent teeth.

How Do Pediatric Partials Work?

Pediatric partials are quite easy to install. You can set up an appointment with our pediatric dentist in Houston. Then, when you and your kid come in for the appointment, our dentist will take the impression of your kid’s mouth to create the mold. The mold is used to fabricate the pediatric partials. In most cases, it might take a few hours to get them ready.

They are the best solution for kids with missing teeth who are between two and eight years. However, even older kids can benefit from using this treatment.

How to Prepare Your Kid for Pediatric Partials

Kids are usually tricky to deal with, especially if it is about visiting the dentist’s office. However, you will need certain strategies to ensure the process is smoother than expected. You can try and employ the following tricks:

  • Offer rewards – If you have prizes or treats that your kid will earn when they wear their dentures, you could get them to agree to wear them once they receive them.
  • Ask grandparents for their help – If you have a grandma or grandpa who wears dentures, they can help since they can talk to your child throughout the process and make them feel better knowing someone else has them.
  • Be persistent- kids can be very persuasive, and you might easily cave in. So, be persistent so that they can wear them once they receive them.

What Are the Benefits of Pediatric Partials?

Tooth loss happens at any age, so don’t lose heart when you see your kid loses a tooth or two because we have tooth replacement options such as pediatric partials. Your kid will enjoy the following benefits:

Improves Appearance

Dentures can restore the appearance of your kid. If they miss teeth, they might seem older than they actually are. What’s more, it also promotes good jaw and tissue development in your kid’s mouth.

Boosts Self-Esteem

If you have a school-going child who loses their teeth, they may feel inadequate. However, they can feel good about themselves if they get pediatric partials.

Better Nutrition

Digestion usually begins in the mouth. So, if they cannot chew food properly, it limits the nutritional benefits they are to receive from the food.

Improves Speech Development

Teeth are essential in speech learning. Your kid needs proper dentition to learn how to speak properly. If they miss a tooth or two, then they may not speak properly.

So, will you bring your kid to get pediatric partials near you? Contact us at Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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