Pediatric Dental Crowns for Tooth Restoration

Pediatric Dental Crowns for Tooth Restoration

November 1, 2021 | By Molarbear

Pediatric dental crowns are designed for restoring and protecting primary teeth that are damaged or decayed and cannot be repaired using dental fillings. They are used on a child’s baby teeth until they fall out naturally to help maintain the pathway for the permanent teeth. The pediatric dentist in Houston ensures that your child can chew properly and has a healthier, beautiful smile even as the adult teeth wait to erupt.

Does Your Child Need A Dental Crown?

Kids with issues such as extensive cavities or teeth damaged due to infections or dental trauma require dental crowns. For example, your kid’s teeth can become infected and damaged after a pulpotomy or cracked or broken during an accident. The Pediatric dentist near you will use crowns to cover up the portion of the tooth above the gums to protect it, strengthen it, and prevent more complications.

Types of Dental Crowns

Pediatric dental crowns are made of various materials. The pediatric dentist near you will choose a crown type based on its durability, adaptability, aesthetics, duration of the placement, and cost. A test for allergies must be carried out to determine which dental crown material is suitable for the child. Common types of dental crowns include:

a. Stainless Steel Crowns

These crowns are perfect for restoring a child’s molars and premolars as they are strong and durable. Their material adequately withstands the wear and tear caused by chewing. In addition, they are durable, retentive, easily adaptable to occlusion, and not affected by moisture. However, stainless steel crowns have a silver-gray appearance and do not enhance aesthetics when used to repair the front teeth.

b. Zirconia Ceramic Crowns

These types of crowns are strong and long-lasting. Zirconium combines the strength of metal with the aesthetics of porcelain crowns for a beautiful, healthy smile. Zirconia ceramic dental crowns near you are suitable for both anterior and posterior use.

c. Resin Veneer Crowns

Resin veneer crowns combine the durability of stainless steel crowns with the aesthetics of a resin facing for long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing teeth.  The crowns are insensitive to moisture or hemorrhage during and after placement. They may be used for restoring front or back teeth.

d. Composite Strip Crowns

These crowns are used on the front teeth as they provide excellent aesthetics. The composite strips are applied to the damaged or decayed tooth using a hardening composite and a clear plastic mold.

e. Polycarbonate Crowns

Polycarbonate crowns consist of heat-molded plastic that is cemented to the tooth being restored using a self-adhesive resin. They are used on the front teeth as the material is tooth-colored and enhances aesthetics. These crowns are often used for temporary restorations.

Pediatric Dental Crown Procedure

Once the Pediatric dentist in Houston has carefully examined your kid’s teeth and performed a complete diagnosis, treatment will begin. First, the treatment site will be numbed using local anesthesia to ensure that your child feels safe and comfortable during the treatment.

The tooth will be thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the placement of the crown. Damaged or decayed enamel is carefully removed from the tooth using a dental drill. The tooth is then shaped to allow proper attachment of the crown.

The dentist selects the right-sized pre-fitted stainless steel crown. This crown is designed to completely cover the tooth structure of the primary tooth that remains and is cemented over the tooth.

After Treatment Care

Pediatric dental crowns in Houston do not require any special care. The child can resume their normal activities and diet immediately after treatment. Tenderness or minor sensitivity on the treated area for a week after treatment is normal and dissipates on its own.

Proper oral hygiene must be maintained by brushing twice each day for two minutes and flossing every day. In addition, a healthy diet without excess sugar is recommended to prevent further tooth decay.

You should set up your child with a pediatric dentist near you for dental exams and cleanings every six months to ensure that the crown lasts longer. The dentist will also offer preventive dentistry treatments to help keep the other teeth in the best condition possible.

Book a consultation at Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry for pediatric dental crowns near you in a kid-friendly environment. We offer various dental services customized especially for children, including advanced dentistry, habit appliance therapy, and interceptive orthodontics. Other services provided are dental exams and cleanings, dental emergency, dental fillings, laser frenectomies, pediatric partials, and nerve treatments.

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