"Pediatric Partials Are Proving Beneficial for Children with Missing Teeth Because of Any Reason"

Pediatric Partials Are Proving Beneficial for Children with Missing Teeth Because of Any Reason

May 1, 2020 | By Molarbear

Tooth loss and edentulism is not just a problem reserves exclusively for older adults because it can affect people from all age groups, including children.

A playground incident, dental decay, or any facial trauma can cause even children to have a tooth or two replaced by extractions occasionally. Tooth loss at an early age may be healthy while the children are waiting for their permanent teeth to erupt. However, the problem has the potential to cause discomfort for the child until the emergence of their permanent teeth. At their age, dental implants will not be practical, but their parents can research for a pediatric dentist near you that can provide them with pediatric partials for the child. Parents of children with missing teeth should also research for pediatric partials near you. When searching for the pediatric dentist because it will help them to resolve an issue in their children’s mouth while also allowing them to understand whether pediatric partials are the right solution for their kids.

Why Are Pediatric Partials Becoming Popular?

As mentioned earlier, children between the ages of two and seven often lose their baby teeth and are left with unsightly gaps in their mouths. As traditional solutions are not suitable for children’s mouths, the pediatric dentist Houston is recommending a solution specifically designed for children’s mouths. The dentist is recommending pediatric partials in Houston as a solution that has been customized for the toddler’s mouth and only intended to replace the child’s baby teeth temporarily until the emergence of their permanent teeth.

Parents of young children should not be scared or concerned about getting pediatric partials for their child because these are similar to adult partials and are customized prosthetic devices for replacing missing teeth. Perhaps the one difference that remains glaring is the fact that these partials are only temporary and not permanent and need to be disposed of the moment the permanent teeth erupt. Their intention is only to close the gaps being displayed and not to replace secondary adult dentition. Therefore pediatric partials are simpler to design, inexpensive for fabricating, and customized to fit comfortably and for replacements.

What Kind of Pediatric Partials Are Available for Children?

Pediatric dentists are not just recommending a single variety of pediatric partials for children but have made them available in different shapes and sizes to suit the individual needs of the young patient. Presently pediatric partials are being fabricated from an acrylic material that has excellent aesthetics. At times, metal is also being used to strengthen the prosthetic or help to secure it in the child’s mouth.

These appliances are available as fixed or removable. Pediatric partials that are removable can be removed or replaced easily. Fixed partials are positioned in place by a metal band that is held by an existing molar. They can also act as space maintainers and can be used with or without artificial teeth components for aesthetics.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Pediatric Partials?

The procedure for designing, fabricating, and fitting the pediatric partial is no different than the method adopted for adults.

The child will require a visit to Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry, where the pediatric dentist will take an impression of your child’s inner mouth to create a mold. This mold will be processed in the in-house fabricator technology available with this facility to design and fit the prosthetic during your appointment on the same day.

After the part has been fabricated by the dentist, the appliance is attached to the child’s teeth, and all adjustments necessary are made immediately. Your child will be ready to leave with a brand-new set of teeth the moment the dentist has accomplished his goal.

If you have chosen fixed partials, the prosthetic will be attached to the child’s existing permanent teeth and secured in place. They will remain in place until the permanent adult teeth begin to emerge. The child will need another appointment to the dentist to have the fixed partials remove at this point.

The pediatric dentist in Houston, TX also has practiced in the nearby locations of Bear Creek, Copperfield, Katy, and Cypress for residents around Houston who may contact the dentist for pediatric partials whenever they feel their child is uncomfortable after losing some baby teeth.

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