Pros and Cons of Pediatric Partials

Pros and Cons of Pediatric Partials

June 1, 2022 | By Molarbear

Has your child lost their front teeth due to trauma or other reasons? Missing teeth can impact your child’s smile besides affecting their ability to eat and speak. Instead of ignoring the dental problem confronting your child, you must seek a solution for the condition from the pediatric dentist in Houston.

The pediatric dentist offers many benefits to children. The professional has the knowledge and training to make you feel good that they can meet your child’s specific needs. The dentist examines your child’s teeth and gums to help encourage good oral health. They can also provide restorative services like filling cavities and addressing tooth loss because of trauma or extractions.

How Do Children Lose Teeth Prematurely?

Premature tooth loss is relatively common among children, although all the baby teeth eventually fall out by 12 or 13. Children might have a severely decayed molar challenging to salvage and need extraction from the pediatric dentist. In such cases, your child doesn’t have to remain without teeth in their mouths because the dentist provides pediatric partials near you to close gaps in your child’s mouth.

Why Do Children Need Pediatric Partials?

If your child loses a tooth prematurely due to decay or trauma, the pediatric dentist Houston might suggest doing nothing and waiting for the permanent tooth to emerge. However, if the permanent tooth is still a few years away, the dentist decides to provide a temporary artificial tooth to support the mouth’s functionality until the permanent tooth emerges.

When your child has pediatric partials, it helps them avoid the consequences of tooth loss that undoubtedly affect everyone. The pediatric partial also saves considerable money that you would otherwise spend on dental treatments from specialists for your child.

When children lose a tooth or two, their remaining teeth begin shifting towards the vacant gaps to create misalignments with their bite. If you neglect pediatric partials, you might have to spend considerably on orthodontic treatments to correct your child’s dental imperfection.

Vacant gaps between the teeth also become breeding grounds for bacteria to manifest and feast on the food particles that remain trapped in them. The bacteria can quickly create tooth decay and cavities needing further treatments from dental professionals.

In some cases, the pediatric dentist might recommend space maintainers to close the gaps. Alternatively, pediatric partials are also helpful in restoring your child’s mouth functionality. Therefore you must ensure that your child gets the artificial teeth they deserve without delaying the treatment.

Pros and Cons of Pediatric Partials


  • Pediatric partials can help restore your child’s appearance and smile.
  • The artificial teeth prevent the shifting of the remaining teeth and create orthodontic problems.
  • Pediatric partials restore proper chewing and eating.
  • Artificial teeth do not hamper your child’s speaking abilities.


  • The artificial teeth might feel bulky initially until your child gets accustomed to wearing them.
  • Inserting and removing the pediatric partials requires practice which your child might feel annoying.
  • The pediatric partials remain in your child’s mouth as a fixed appliance until the permanent tooth is ready to emerge.

When replacing children’s teeth, you do not have options like dental implants for bridges. However, it doesn’t mean you must ignore the need to get the replacement teeth required by your child. You might think investing in a short-term solution is expensive because pediatric partials can cost $ 650-$ 2500. However, are you willing to bear the costs of orthodontic treatments or dental restorations that create permanent damage to your child’s mouth? If you aren’t, you must invest in the artificial teeth recommended by the Houston dentist to benefit your child’s dental health.

Loss of teeth affects children just as it does adults. Children can also experience jawbone loss and endure other complications without teeth in their mouth. Your child’s loss of teeth can prove disastrous and expensive for you. Therefore you must attempt to avoid losses on all sides by getting the artificial teeth needed by your child from Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry to save them and yourself from considerable expenditure and embarrassment by having your child appear older because of the loss of teeth from their mouths.

Losing teeth is relatively standard among children but is better not ignored when solutions are available to restore their smile and mouth functionality. Getting pediatric partials is beneficial not only for the child but also for you because of its savings.

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