Habit Appliance Therapy in Houston, TX

Habit Appliance Therapy

Although it may be cute to see your child sucking their thumb or pacifier, the continued habit can have a significant impact on their oral health and smile. Now we’re not trying to say it is an immediate emergency; however, it should be addressed sooner rather than later. Children that continue to suck a pacifier or their fingers are at a higher risk for bite issues, misaligned teeth, and other dental complications.

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About Habit Appliance Therapy

A habit appliance is a small dental device that worn on your child’s upper teeth. It will use to prevent pacifier, thumb, or finger sucking by blocking the area of gums behind the front teeth. Typically when a child is unable to reach this area while attempting to suck, it diminishes the overall enjoyment, making it easier for your child to ditch the habit.

Breaking The Habit: Pacifier/Thumb Sucking Tips

Before resorting to our habit appliance therapy, we do recommend attempting to kick the habit at home via other methods. Wondering how you can help your child break their pacifier teeth or thumb sucking habit? Here are a few tips to avoid future orthodontic treatment:

  • Place tape over the fingers.
  • Put gloves on their hands.
  • Reward them for not sucking their pacifier/fingers.
  • Encourage them to be “grown-up”.
  • Show your child what the habit can do to their teeth.

Benefits of Habit Appliances

When it comes to pacifiers and finger sucking, one of the biggest problems is the effect it has on our children’s teeth. By stopping your child’s habit, you can prevent:

  • Bite Issues (crossbites, underbites, overbites),
  • Teeth Spacing Issues (overcrowding, misalignment, crooked teeth)
  • Future Orthodontic Treatment

Can’t get your child to quit sucking their pacifier or fingers? Contact pediatric dentist near me today. We’d be happy to discuss their habit and determine whether habit appliance therapy may be right for them.

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