Interceptive Orthodontics in Houston, TX

Interceptive Orthodontics

Does your child has overcrowded teeth or a bad bite? Was a tooth dislodged too early? With our interceptive orthodontics training at Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry, chances are we can help! It used to be that children didn’t start orthodontic treatment until all the permanent teeth had erupted, however in recent years “interceptive” or “phase-1” orthodontics has become more prevalent. Our interceptive orthodontic training allows us to take advantage of your child’s developing mouth, preventing issues in the future that may require more prolonged orthodontic treatment.

About Space Maintainers

If your child has lost a tooth too soon, adjacent teeth may actually shift and become overcrowded, preventing new permanent teeth from erupting properly. A space maintainer is an orthodontic appliance which keeps space open in the mouth to allow permanent teeth to erupt properly.

About Palatal Expanders

Does your child have a crossbite, overcrowded or impacted teeth? A palatal expander is a custom-made orthodontic device which fits over several teeth. During treatment the device is expanded, allowing for more space to be created in your child’s mouth.

Benefits of Interceptive Orthodontics

One of the major benefits in receiving orthodontic treatment at an early age is possibly preventing further complications which would require further orthodontic treatment later in life. Other benefits may include:

  • Create facial symmetry.
  • Improve smile/facial appearance.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Correct bad oral habits.
  • Create room for permanent teeth.
  • Reduce need for teeth extractions.
  • Reduce overall orthodontic treatment time.

Think your child’s smile may benefit from interceptive orthodontics? Contact Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, TX today! We’d be happy to schedule an interceptive orthodontic appointment for your child so we can examine their oral health and determine if phase-1 orthodontics may benefit them. Other than in West Houston, services are also available in nearby locations of Bear Creek, Copperfield, Katy, Cypress, Glencairn, Berkshire, Westglen.

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