Laser Frenectomy in Houston, TX

Laser Frenectomies

Our tongues and lips are capable of moving freely so we can eat and speak without limitations. A frenulum is a structure that is attached to a body part and restricts its movement. At Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, the most common type we see is the frenulum of the tongue.

A frenulum is usually congenital, meaning that children are born with it. That’s why a pediatric dentist in Houston or elsewhere will see frenulums more than adult dentists. Some people never get frenectomy surgery and grow up with their frenulum still attached. If you’re looking for a frenectomy dentist for yourself or your children, we have plenty of experience with laser frenectomy at Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry.

Why Get a Frenectomy

Not interested in looking for laser frenectomy in Houston for your child? There are many benefits to frenectomies that might encourage you to think again. When your child has a frenulum of the tongue, they’ll face feeding limitations.

Your child might not be able to latch properly onto the breast, which can lead to frequent feedings, fatigue for the mother and the child, and poor weight gain for the child. Speech difficulties may become apparent as your child starts to speak.

Frenulums can lead to speech problems in adults, too, along with dental hygiene troubles and potential sleep apnea. That’s why finding a frenectomy dentist is of value.

Getting a Laser Frenectomy

Laser frenectomy is now preferred to a frenectomy done with a scalpel. The laser has the advantage of coagulation while cutting. This limits blood loss and shortens the duration of the procedure. There are a variety of lasers that we can use.

Recovery after a laser frenectomy is short and smooth. Infants that undergo a laser frenectomy will be able to feed almost immediately after the procedure. They will be capable of latching properly and feeding for longer periods. This will lead to less discomfort to the mother and eliminate the need for frequent short feeds. You will notice your child gain weight properly after the procedure.

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