Nerve Treatments

Nerve Treatments

Does your child experience sensitivity when trying to eat? Have you noticed a tooth that is darker than the others? Your child may be suffering from an infected or inflamed tooth pulp! At Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, we offer pulpotomies which can help relieve their symptoms and save their tooth!

About Pulpotomies

A pulpotomy (also known as a baby root canal) involved the surgical removal of the affected tooth’s pulp chamber. Children often experience infected/inflamed tooth pulps due to untreated decay and cavities. During the procedure any bacteria and infection will be thoroughly removed from the pulp chamber, preventing additional infection and/or damage.

Baby teeth are not as hard and strong as adult teeth, and the nerve inside a baby tooth is closer to the outside, which is why children are often both more sensitive and susceptible to decay and tooth pain.

Benefits of Kid Root Canals

Due to the fact that “baby teeth” are far less strong as primary teeth, children are more prone to dental decay and infected or inflamed tooth pulps. Luckily with our endodontic treatment your child can experience relief. Wondering what the benefits of our pediatric root canals are?

  • Reduced pain/discomfort.
  • Alleviates tooth sensitivity.
  • Prevents spread of infection.
  • Prevents abscess formation.
  • Prevents further tooth damage.
  • May save the tooth from extraction.

Think your little one may need nerve treatment? Contact Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule your child’s appointment. We can thoroughly examine their affected tooth to determine if they may benefit from pulpotomy treatment.

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