Dental Crown Procedure in Houston

These 4 Steps Perfectly Sum Up the Crown Procedure for Kids

January 1, 2019 | By Molarbear

What are dental crowns? Does your child require dental crowns? What is the procedure for getting dental crowns fixed? Dental crowns are one of the best ways to restore a lost tooth or rectify the tooth’s structure. They are helpful in retaining the natural smile of your child.

Though dental crowns are available in variety of materials, the porcelain crowns are most popular because of their ability to match the natural color of your teeth. It not only restores the function of the tooth but also boosts their self-esteem. Usually, getting a dental crown for your kid will need two dental visits.

Steps in the Dental Crown Procedure

1. Tooth Preparation

Once your pediatric dentist suggests the dental crown treatment and you agree with him, it is time to prepare the damaged tooth for the procedure. The preparation is nothing but shaping the damaged tooth so that a suitable surface is created for mounting the crown perfectly.

2. Taking of Impressions

The next step is taking the impressions of the tooth that has been recently shaped. The impressions is taken by applying a dental putty or digital scanner. These impressions help in making the crown to fit properly. The impression is sent to a lab so that the crown can be fabricated. The crown has to match your child’s natural teeth color, so the dentists in Houston will also choose an appropriate shade.

3. Fitting of a Temporary Crown

The permanent crown will take few days to get prepared in the lab. Therefore, a temporary crown will be fixed instead to cover the shaped tooth as well as protect it from further damage.

4. Fitting the permanent crown

You will be called for the next appointment for fitting the permanent crown. The procedure will begin by giving a local anesthetic for numbing the tooth and surrounding gum tissue so that the procedure remains pain-free and comfortable for your child.

It is important to discuss with your pediatric dentist near me about the crown options and any prior preparations that you may need to do before the treatment.

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