What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Implants

What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Implants

October 1, 2020 | By Molarbear

Dental implants are basically replacements for tooth roots. They provide a solid foundation for the placement of permanent or artificial teeth that have been tailored to match the color of your natural teeth.

A surgeon uses screw-like devices to embed the implant into your jawbone. Between the dental implant and artificial tooth is a device referred to as an abutment.

Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants are of two types:

  • Endosteal Implants: These are the most common types of implants. They are embedded in your jawbone, each of them holding one or multiple artificial teeth.
  • Subperiosteal Implants: These are placed on top of your jawbone.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Several benefits are associated with these devices:

  • Improve Appearance: Implants have the appearance and feel of natural teeth. Also, they are fused with the jawbone, therefore becoming a permanent part of your teeth.
  • Improve Oral Health: Because implants are minimally invasive, the remaining teeth are left intact. With dental implant implants, nearby teeth need not be altered to offer the device support. Because more of your teeth remain unaltered, your long-term dental health is improved. In the case of individual implants, the space between teeth is made more accessible.
  • Durable: When dental implants are appropriately taken care of, they can give you several years of service.
  • Convenience: Imagine having to take off dentures when you eat at a party. It could not be very comfortable. You could avoid this by opting for implants. First, you won’t have to remove them or deal with messy adhesives to hold them in position.
  • Boost your Self-esteem: Imagine what teeth gaps, especially at the front of your mouth, could do to your self-esteem. The gaps will dampen your spirits, and you will wear your smile with little confidence. Fortunately, dental implants can swoop in and bring that confidence back.
  • Improve Speech: People with ill-fitting dentures often encounter teeth slippage that results in mumbling or slurring of words. With implants, you do not have to worry about this.
  • Improve Comfort: Once they have been fitted, implants become a permanent part of you. This way, you won’t experience the discomfort associated with removable dentures.
  • Make Eating Easy: While sliding dentures make it difficult to chew, this isn’t the case with dental implants as they work like your natural teeth. You are, therefore, able to eat your favorite foods without any worries.

Are Dental Implants Safe for my Kid?

Although dental implants are the go-to option for replacing missing teeth in adults, they are not safe for kids. Why? Because they are only suitable for jaws that are done growing. When the device is fixed in a kid, jaw growth is impeded, and the other teeth may not come out naturally.

For girls, the minimum age for dental implants is 15, while for boys, it is 17. The periods vary because compared to boys, girls experience faster bone growth.

If your kid hasn’t attained these ages, there are alternatives:

What are the Success Rates?

Depending on their area of placements, dental implant success rates vary, but generally, it is about 98%. If you have any doubts about the procedure, this is a sign to go ahead with it.

What to Expect

When you come to Molar Bear Pediatric Dentistry for a dental implant in Houston, TX, our dental team will develop a treatment plan for you. This treatment plan addresses the patient’s specific needs. Next, our dentist will place the root implant in your missing tooth’s bone socket. With time, the jawbone recovers and grows around this post, holding it firmly in position.

After the jawbone has completely healed, you will make another appointment. During this visit, the dentist attaches an abutment to the connector post to anchor the new tooth. The new tooth is made from impressions the dentist makes of your teeth and is placed afterward.

Most people who have had implants have reported little discomfort during the procedure, so there is no need to fear it.

Finding the best Pediatric Dentist in Houston, TX

If you are looking for a dental implant service near Houston, TX area for your child, bring them to meet our pediatric dentist in Houston. Our kids’ dentist near you offers dental implant treatment near you at an affordable cost and in a cozy environment.

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