Pulpotomy Treatment in Houston

When is a Pulpotomy Treatment Needed?

March 13, 2019 | By Molarbear

Some people believe that baby teeth are not very important as they have to fall one day and will be replaced by the permanent teeth. They believe that it’s just the adult teeth that need dental care. However, it is to be known that the primary teeth also need proper care so that they don’t develop serious dental issues such as inflammation in the pulp chamber of the tooth. If it happens, Pulpotomy treatment may be necessary for treating the infection and saving the tooth, says pediatric dentist 77084.

According to Houston Pediatric Dentistry, it is important to keep the baby teeth in good condition till the time they are ready to fall as they are required for protecting the integrity of the jaw. The dentists are usually trained for helping young children in having a good first experience at the dental office. The pediatric dentist in Houston also tries to monitor the adult teeth as they develop under the gum and start growing along with seeing if there is any possibility of an orthodontic problem.

The Pulpotomy may be needed when the reason of cavity is tooth decay. Decay is so deep that it becomes close to the pulp chamber. It irritates the tissue which becomes inflamed and causes toothache. If the tooth is not treated for removing the infection, it will become abscessed.

Pulpotomy has good success rate and the tooth is saved till it falls out naturally. If the tooth is abscessed, it can’t be saved. The Pulpotomy can be called baby root canal but it is not exactly same as root canal as it doesn’t touch the actual root canals.

Some signs that your child requires Pulpotomy are:

  • Swelling in cheek or jaw area of the face
  • Tenderness when the area is touched
  • Spontaneous pain in the area, especially at night

Baby teeth appear at about six months and they are important for chewing food and good nutrition, and learning to speak. Thus, you should see a pediatric dentist near me to make sure that your child’s baby teeth are in good condition.

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