Thumb Sucking in Houston, TX

When Thumb Sucking Becomes More Than Child’s Play

August 16, 2019 | By Molarbear

Most of the child develops habits of thumb sucking at a very early age. It helps them sleep at night and eases their teeth issues. Sometimes thumb sucking develops to be as a major issue for the overall dental health of a kid and thus it is advised to consult a pediatric dentist at 77084 to know the right solutions for eradicating this problem in your kids.

Why babies develop thumb sucking habits?

Many babies develop the habit of thumb sucking right from mother’s womb. They do this to prepare themselves for breastfeeding. Thumb sucking acts like a reflex for kids which calms and soothes them at time of stress and helps them sleep. For some children, bottle or breastfeeding cannot act as a suitable comfort and thus they suck their thumb. It is important that kids drop this habit as they grow a little older.

Can thumb sucking cause permanent damage?

Pediatric dentist in Houston suggests that kids should stop sucking their thumb at the age 4. It becomes a common concern for parents when permanent front teeth start to come. Obsessive thumb sucking habits can be a sign of a broader underlying issue. This may create issues of overlap of front teeth, issues in erupting of full tooth or teeth to protrude outward. It can also alter the correct tooth position and disturb the proper development of the mouth thus its solutions are essential.

How to stop thumb sucking?

With these techniques you can curb thumb sucking in your child:

  • Praise him for avoiding sucking.
  • Try to find the cause of thumb sucking and find the solution.
  • Reward him to break his habit.
  • Track their progress with a motivational tool.
  • Tie a bandage around the hand at night.
  • Apply bitter medicines on thumbs.

Why consult orthodontics?

In case you wish to help your child for stopping his thumb sucking, you may search pediatric dentist near me. He can help you find the right solution for the issue.

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