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Why Break the Habit? And How?

May 1, 2019 | By Molarbear

Does your kid suck his/ her thumb? Your baby is not the only one! There are many babies, who have the habit of sucking thumb. It is their way to comfort a self-soothe themselves, says pediatric dentist 77084. Thumb sucking may comfort the toddlers at a young age but it can cause problems if the habit remains for a longer time.

It has been observed that majority of the children who suck their thumbs stop the habit by themselves before the pre-school age but some don’t! It can be a difficult habit to break for some children but they need to stop it before the permanent teeth grow as thumb sucking can damage their permanent teeth. The pertinent question is how to break the habit.

According to pediatric dentist in Houston, you must involve the child from beginning and talk with them about it. You need to set goals and reward them. Experts suggest that positive reinforcement and gentle reminders are a good way of encouraging. Children may thumb-suck when they are anxious and stressed. If you notice any such signs, try to talk with the child and comfort them.

You should not be afraid of asking the pediatric dentist near me for help. They explain to children the importance of leaving the habit and some kids even respond better than other adults. If you have tried everything and the child still can’t break the habit, you need to take resort to other alternatives such as mouth guard or a bitter tasting nail polish to put on the nails. These tricks work for some children.

Parents need to remember that thumb sucking may seem to be an insignificant habit to adults it is a bad habit which can lead to serious repercussions in the long run. It is not going to be easy to make your child break the habit. The parents need to be very patient with their children and support them in reaching their goals. Always remember that shouting and yelling is of no good and you need better ways.

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